28 Days of Godly Marriage

28 Days of Godly Marriage [PN]  

Join us in the month of February as we come together to honor God through godly marriage. Our goal is to bring Him honor through the mountain top and valley experiences, as we set on the journey through I do.

Also, we would love to have you join us in the Experience His Freedom Community on Facebook.

The bloggers and authors who will be sharing this month are:

Angel Penn from Experience His Freedom

Rebekah Hargraves from Hargraves Home and Hearth

Tricia Soderstrom from Abounding in Hope with Lyme

Maritza Antunez-Montes de Oca from Homeschool Epiphany

Rebekah Hallberg from Sharing Redemption’s Stories

Beth Kelly from My Inner Rapunzel

Lisa Nehring from Golden Grasses

Dr. Melanie Wilson from  Psycho With 6

Amy Michaels from Thrive Homeschooling

Sue Creekmore from Word Washed Wife

Sarah Geringer 

Tiffany Montgomery from Hope & Joy In Christ

Julie Holmquist from Stuff of Heaven

 Tiffany Jefferson from Finish With Joy

Janelle Batts from The Story of Nell 1986

Meredith Curtis from Powerline Productions

Julie Loos from Unmasking The Mess

Karen Sweeney-Ryall from Becoming My Best Me

Latonya Moore from Joy in the Ordinary

Sabrina Tolbert from Finding Joy with BrinaLynn

Erica Putzier Willis from Believe Boldly

Tatiana Adurias from The Musings of Mum

Shannon Taylor from Savin’ it for Hubby

Ginny Hamlin from For Better  Or For Worse

Penney Douglas from Changed by Love

Timberley Gray from Living Our Priorities

Jessica Anderson from Intentional in Life

Stacey Lane from Layered Soul 

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Daily Post Links

Day 1 - Godly Marriage: How does the Impossible Become Possible?
Day 2 - When Your Marriage is Young and so are Your Children
Day 3 -Pursuing a Happily Ever After Marriage in the Real World
Day 4 -Leading Your Husband To Christ Without Saying A Word
When All Hope Seems Lost in a Godly Marriage
Day 5 - When All Hope Seems Lost in a Godly Marriage
Day 6 -When You Know Your Value in Jesus, You Know A Better Marriage
Day 7 - Godly Marriage and Prodigal Children
Day 8 - Navigating Disagreements in Marriage: What to Do When It Can’t Be Resolved
Day 9 - Godly Marriage Expectations
Day 10 - Five Ways to ABUSE Proof Your Marriage
Day 11 - Hope for the Spiritually Mismatched Marriage
Day 12 - How to Stop Destroying Your Godly Marriage
Day 13 - Eating the Fruit of a Godly Marriage
Day 14 - Discipleship: 4 Ways it Changed my Marriage
Day 14 - The Matter of “I Do”
Day 15 - Forgiveness in a Godly Marriage
Day 16 - The Secrets to a Godly Marriage Doesn’t Involve Money
Day 17 - What Happens When A Godly Marriage Doesn’t Go As Planned
Day 18 - A Marriage Narrative | How Burnt Hot Dogs Changed My Perspective of Marriage
Day 19 - Pornography Wrecked my Godly Marriage, Now What?
Day 20 - Three Questions to Ask When You Feel Bitter Toward Your Spouse
Day 21 - The Importance of Friendships in a Godly Marriage
Day 22 - The Beauty of Sex in a Godly Marriage