The Freedom in My 3 Favorite Words in The Bible….

Have you ever thought about what your three favorite words in the Bible might be?  I have. It’s not so much the words per se but the significance of them. Typically, you will hear them most mentioned as Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Easter. It is a time when many Christians start to reflect upon the stories of Jesus’ last days on earth, His death and subsequent resurrection. However, lately, I have been meditating on these three words as my family has been going through a challenging time.

When He received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, He bowed his head and gave up His Spirit. John 19:30

These are the final three words that Jesus spoke before He gave up His spirit on the Cross. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important event of the Christian faith. It is a historical fact—one with profound implications for your life and mine. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can find healing from our past, experience power in our daily lives, and rejoice in the promise of heaven. AMEN. Nothing on this earth compares to that.

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The moment we receive Christ, we step into a lifetime journey – a journey where we are continually challenged by the things of the world. Wounds that may have pierced your heart when you were young may still plague you. Guilt or shame from a situation that you were involved in or a decision that you made may still cause you to feel inadequate in current relationships. It may cause you to revel in your past and struggle with making good decisions now. Be encouraged friend. God can and will give you what you need to receive the fullness of the finished work of the Cross. You just have to trust Him.

Satan tries to use our wounds to accuse us and make us feel as if we are unlovable. No one will ever love you. You will never measure up. You are not good enough. These are all lies and attacks on the mind that he will try to get you believe. Some will go right along with the things he is saying and fall to even deeper depths of depression, pain or isolation. When we come into agreement with the enemy, we give him power over our lives and negate the Word of God. One significant area where the enemy does this is in your mind.

Satan is a deceiver and is strategic in his weapon of choice — lies, lies and more lies. He will use lies to destroy you and everything about your life. His purpose is to make you ignorant of God’s will. If the enemy can be successful in distracting you or have you doubting God’s Word, he can distract you from being able to discern what God’s will is for your life. The inspired Word of God is your defense. Romans 12:2 reminds us to not conform to this world, but for our minds to be transformed. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. It is imperative that when in the midst of a struggle that you go to God, just as you are and confess any sin and area of struggle and ask Him to help you. This certainly isn’t easy – especially if the sin involves or affects others. But it is necessary. By confessing sin, that is the first step in disarming the enemy. What was once in the dark, no longer is. The enemy’s plan starts unraveling right then. God will help you. He will equip you to walk in the authority that He established for His followers.

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You reflect the glory of God. Jesus loves you so much that He took everything that could possibly come against you to the Cross that day. And because of His love for you, He rose from the grave – defeating death. Resurrection power is never more evident than when Christ frees us from bondage to sin and destructive habits. Whenever we, as believers, fall for Satan’s lies and yield to his temptations, our only avenue to freedom is through the crucified life—as we take up our crosses and deny ourselves (Matthew 16:24.) It is crucial to realize that you walk around with Almighty God inside you. There is nothing Satan can throw at you that Jesus cannot defeat. By choosing to let Him handle the temptation, you’ll experience His victory.

The next time you find yourself battling the enemy, speak the Word of God. Remind him of the words that Jesus said, “It is FINISHED.” And walk by faith, in victory.