Walking in Your Authority Gives You Power

Friends, if you are like me, then you probably have heard different messages preached over the years about walking in your God-given authority. They are often encouraging, exciting and can even be scary – especially if you aren’t even sure what walking in your authority means.  But beloved, one thing I want you to know is that God has given you, a follower of Jesus Christ, the right to walk in your authority. It is your right. Sound overwhelming? You bet it is. Amazing and powerful? Absolutely. How do you get to the point where you get the point where you can even consider walking in authority? Before you can even operate in your God-given authority, you have to change your thinking and perspective.

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Perspective is a vital part of the walk of faith.  As believers, it is imperative that we embrace the same point of view that God has about our lives, our children and really — everything that involves us. Inherently, this is difficult for us to do. Our experiences shape us. Our family and friends influence us. And some days despite what we know, our feelings and emotions may take over and we are just feeling “some kind of way.” Nevertheless, we have to embrace viewing things from an eternal perspective like God does. I am not saying it is easy. Getting to a place where we see things as God sees them will take time. It will take practice (in faith) but it can be accomplished.  As daughters of the King, we have to ask for His help to shift our thinking. We have to submit ourselves to the Father and ask Him to not only change our minds but our hearts. Yes, our hearts too. It’s one thing to have “head knowledge” about something but when you have had a “heart change”, you are more likely to actually to embrace the truths of God’s Word and operate in all that He has for us and that includes His authority.

But what is authority? Simply, it is delegated power that belonged to someone else and has been given to you. It requires that we take that first step to embracing it. Isn’t it good to know that He is right there with us? Being born again doesn’t automatically give you an active authority over the devil. It is your revealed identity in Christ that does. When you walk in the revelation of your true potential and identity in Christ, you are POWERFUL. In fact, I will take it a step further and say you are DANGEROUS. When you walk in the revelation of your true potential and identity in Christ, you are dangerous… Click To TweetYou are down right dangerous to the enemy’s camp….and he knows it. Power comes from recognizing who you are in Christ. When you see yourself as an overcomer rather than a victim it changes your posture AND your warfare. You are armored up and battle ready. It is not your authority in Christ that Satan fears. It is your revelation of your authority in Christ that Satan fears!

Now don’t get me wrong….the enemy is going to be coming at you with everything he has. He’s going to remind you of past failures, disappointments and mistakes. He’s going to remind you of things you did that you wish with every fiber of your being that you could change but you can’t. Don’t succumb to those attacks. He purposely does that to get you to walk in guilt, shame and condemnation. He will do whatever he can to disarm your arsenal. Once we acknowledge & proclaim our position of authority in Christ, we will begin to manifest it. So walk in the authority of your revealed identity in Christ and you will nail the coffin shut on the Satan’s lies has been trying to get you to believe.

When you are under God’s authority, you have all authority. God gives you His armor of authority. When you wear it with confidence – and without doubt – the enemy can no longer move you. You’re not subject to this realm because you have rulership over it. We must renew our minds to this truth, or we will be conformed to the world’s order of things rather than God’s order (Romans 12:2). The ability for the believer to walk in authority is determined by the measure of authority we give God in our own lives.

Jesus only did what He saw the Father do and only said what He heard the Father say. He was in continual agreement with God’s perspective. Jesus made the promise to give us this power and authority in Matthew 16:18 when he said to Peter: “The gates of hell will not be able to withstand or withhold the advancing church.” Jesus was going to build his church AND the church was going to advance.

When an enemy comes against you, God always sees that there is more with you than with them. God always sees that you have the upper hand because He dwells in you. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. The Bible even says that God sits in the heavens and laughs at the enemy because God knows the outcome – wouldn’t it be great if we simply laughed at the enemy when he came against us? We would…if we saw it from God’s perspective.

The Bible even says that God sits in the heavens and laughs at the enemy because God knows the… Click To Tweet

God sees you as victorious and triumphant because you are in Christ and Christ is in you. The question is — do YOU see from God’s perspective? You are who He says you are. That can be very difficult for many of us to accept because we view things through a faulty lens. Seek God for His perspective. Then CHOOSE to agree with it.  It will cause you to be at peace in the midst of storms knowing that He is with you – He who calms the seas is with you. Embracing God’s perspective will enable you to walk through the fires of life without even the smell of smoke. Seeing as He sees – it’s vital in the Kingdom of God.

Embracing God's perspective will enable you to walk through the fires of life without even the… Click To Tweet